A beautiful poem on the power of love, devotion, and kindness submitted by a member of the #bekindr community!


“I was 58 and he was 63 when we met online and married. This is a poem I gave my husband for our First Anniversary.”

First Anniversary

You were early, and I wasn’t ready for you.
But, I let you into my sleepy-faced, jammies world,
And, you came in, all of the way.

You didn’t have pets,
And I had a 12-year-old Dalmatian,
whose white hairs blanketed
the furniture, clothing, pillows,
and formed little white tufts peeking out from under the sofa,
And I had a black and white cat,
who demanded to be let out every 10 minutes
and back in 5 minutes later.

You were immaculate, in your beige tones and
pressed shirt.
And, I had spray-painted my furniture blue, and hot pink,
and lime green,
And the furniture was strewn with colorful pillows,
And there were paintings with bright colors on every wall.
And, you came in, all of the way.

You were so handsome and gallant, and
Our first walk together felt just right.
“Just do what you feel like,” I said,
When you asked if you could hold my hand.
You took my hand in yours, and
I never wanted you to let go.

Sitting outside at a trendy Coconut Grove restaurant
on a maroon velvet love-seat,
I stroked your chest involuntarily as I laughed at your
Self-deprecating stories, and stared at you intently
Watching your smiling face and the words were tumbling out,
And I don’t even remember what you said, just that
They seemed like colorful notes rising from your mouth,
And I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.

And at the end of the day, you said,
“It is so late, and it is such a long drive home,
I’ll be a gentleman if I can stay.”
And so you did – sleeping on the sofa where the
Dog liked to lounge during the day, and
The dog slept with me, and you were a perfect gentleman.

I love it when you hold my chair out when it
Is time to sit for a meal, even in our own dining room.

I love it when you change your position as we take
Our long walks, so that you can be on the outside
To protect me from a car jumping off the street.

I love it when you put your hand in the small of my back
And guide me through a crowd, and signal to me that
You truly have my back.

I love it when you fix things that are broken
Or crooked or missing a part, the little things
That I noticed a few times, and then decided that
I could live with their brokenness.

I lived with my own brokenness,
And it was okay, until one day
I decided I needed to find you,
A fixer, the kind of person who, by nature,
Repairs and refills, and can make old things
Run smoothly, like new.

My big old Dalmatian was ready for you, too.
He was getting too feeble to escort me
To the dance that was my life.
He needed your help to get up and down and around.
He needed your promise to snuggle with me and
Keep me safe. He needed to feel the joy you brought
from deep in my heart.
And when he was sure of you, he left us.

And for months I have moved in the world you
have created for us,
A full cupboard, replacement supplies for
our every need,
Shiny, washed, well-serviced cars,
And plenty of, “I love yous” and “Thank yous” and
Grace before each meal.

And, there is a change in me:
An unwinding,
A release of the tightness of holding onto nothing
But the will to keep on going.

You have given me a new life, my Love,
Before there was you, I could not even
Imagine the goodness that is you and
the joy of us.

And now, I am excited about our future,
And the changes that will continue as
We move together through another year.

Happy Anniversary, My Darling Husband.

October 28, 2013