A beautiful #bekindr poem submitted to us by Debbie Rodriguez, a Certified Consulting Hypnotist


Momma once said –
how kind to forgive, then went on
cleaning. I wondered
who have you forgiven? then went
on dreaming.

Closed eyes reveal anger
like tiger snarls snarled
within chest cavity and bone –
how could you?
I go on

Why allow freedom
when you gave none
, so I go on
humming – building cages
from within.

Momma once said – to endure
is greater than to dare. I wondered, when
have you ever danced
then went on drawing
ballerinas atop berlin walls.

Little girl! Little girl!

Where did I lose you?

She sits in snarls painting
tigers out of rainbows, and resisting –

waiting. She has unearthed
truth: life shrinks

or expands

in proportion to one’s
courage. Not for him
or her
or you, or she.

Instead: kindness begins
within – it was
never meant for cages.