This amazing #bekindr story was submitted by Bari Lynn Ross:

Six years ago, my husband and I went into the hospital for a scheduled c-section. Upon arrival, we found that our son’s heartbeat had stopped and there would be no hope of a live birth.

Our joy turned to sorrow, and we had to plan a funeral instead of a welcome home celebration.  We were struggling financially and never seemed to have the funds to purchase a permanent headstone for our son. Two years later, I just happened to post a status on my Facebook page about how it saddened me that two years had passed and our precious son still didn’t have a headstone; the temporary marker was faded so nobody would know about my son’s grave.

I quickly received a private message on Facebook from a high school friend that I hadn’t seen or talked to in over twenty years. She said that she liked to raise money for charities. If my husband and I would go pick out the exact headstone we wanted for our son, get a complete price workup, and submit it to her, she would get her group together and start raising the money for us to help with the cost of his headstone.  After doing what she had asked, she said she was getting to work on our project.

The next day, the owner of the monument company contacted us to let us know that our son’s headstone was ordered and he would call me when they were heading out to the cemetery to place his headstone on his grave.  I told him about my high school friend that was working with her charity group to raise the funds . . . and that is when I found out that this one friend didn’t get a group together to raise the money for this project, but instead she called the owner of the monument company immediately after I gave her the information and paid for this headstone and all costs associated…out of her own personal account.

bryton bekindr headstoneAfter composing myself, I reached out to her and we had an amazing conversation regarding this act of kindness.  This friend, who I never kept in touch with after high school, tells me that she remembers the kindness I always showed her growing up, especially when most had turned their backs on her. She said the impact I had made in showing this kind of love was never forgotten, so she wanted to thank me for the kindness of friendship that I had shown her so many years ago.

It goes to show that those who place all their happiness on material things will miss the greatest things of all: love and friendship with others.  For you never know what act of kindness may one day return to you as a blessing.