Bekindr Story submitted by Manjot:

As my friends and I hurried out of the Apple store drooling over the iPhone X and as I was busy cribbing about my outdated model of iPhone because of the advent of a new one, we happened to bump into this young girl of merely 4 years old. She was pleading for us to buy one of her balloons.

“What’s your name?” I asked, followed by my request to pose for a picture.

“Aafreen,” she mumbled.

She kept reiterating two words, ‘kadhi-rice’ (an Indian curry with rice). She took us to this tiny stall where the guy happened to be missing. “He’s coming, he’s coming,” she kept reiterating, quite scared that we might just leave and not buy her the food. Soon after the guy arrived, and as he handed over the plate to her, her face lit with a smile as colourful as the rainbow. We talked to the guy, paid for her food, and she left.

A 30 Rupees plate was her dish to happiness, while I still drooled over the new 90k Rupees iPhone. It’s the little things in life which matter the most. A cup of tea with shared laughter. Dirty clothes, but pretty hearts. Just the tiny, minuscule things, occupying the big chambers of our hearts.

P.S I happened to really like her name, which led me to Google the meaning. Google couldn’t disagree. Aafreen, the name she had roughly mumbled, meant, ‘beautiful.’ I reminisced of her playfully jumping with her balloons, and thought to myself, “What a beautiful day indeed.” All thanks to Aafreen. her balloons, and that colourful, rainbow smile.