Last Saturday night while walking down Fifth Avenue near the Washington Square Arch in the heart of the Village, a group of friends were out for a night of fun. They noticed a young woman seemingly lost and in some sort of distress. She then collapsed on the sidewalk. Another complete stranger saw the commotion and asked if she could help. What ensued was a series of events that lead up to calling 911 and the police. The group watched over the unconscious young woman… surrounding her for protection, keeping her warm with their jackets, and securing her purse to keep it safe. Looking for her ID, they learned that the young woman in distress was a college student from a foreign country. While waiting for the police and the ambulance to arrive, these kind strangers bonded.

My husband, Michael, and I were also kind strangers that stopped that night to help. I asked the group, “What compelled you to stop to help a complete stranger? They said in unison, “Even though we don’t actually know what happened to her, we noticed a young woman in distress and alone in New York City. We’ve all needed some kind of assistance at one time or another. If the tables were turned, we’d want a kind stranger to help!”

Once the young lady in distress was safely in the ambulance, we invited the whole group of complete strangers up to our apartment for some R&R. We chatted and got to know them a little bit better. We realized we had, by chance, met a very special group of people. Thank you, Kate, Natasha, Anaise, Alan, Kevin, and Lowell…you truly are Bekindr Ambassadors!