The Bekindr Jewelry Workshop offered the women of the New Destiny Family Success Center in Patterson, N.J the opportunity to learn a new, marketable skill while being creative and collaborative. This initiative was the brainchild of Eva Ritvo, MD, author of Bekindr: The Transformative Power of Kindness. The Workshop was a pilot project to give economically and socially challenged inner city and immigrant women a chance to learn new skills while promoting inclusivity and kindness.

Dr. Ritvo, also the founder of The Bekindr Global Initiative, stated, “We have a mission to bring more kindness into the world and have embraced the values of the New Destiny Family Success Center in order to help the women of the community grow and thrive.”

Rev. Carolyn McCombs, Executive Director of the New Destiny Family Success Center, and Dr. Ritvo had a roundtable discussion about kindness with the women and their families. The Bekindr Jewelry Workshop was lead by Susie DeRafelo, founder of Hands In. A sustainability advisor concentrating on artisan outreach in the developing world, The Bekindr Jewelry Workshop was an opportunity to bring Ms. DeRafelo’s work stateside. The jewelry created in the Workshop was made of sustainable and recycled materials including glass, stones, sterling silver, and custom made Bekindr charms. Each participant received the bracelets they made to wear as a memento of their artistic creations and also a reminder to Bekindr on a daily basis.

Phase Two of The Bekindr Jewelry Workshop Project is already being planned as we increase the women’s skills set, gather ideas from outside designers, and make the jewelry available for purchase.