What’s better then women empowerment?! Join us in a morning chat with some of the most influential females in the disability world!

About this event
Join us in-person or virtually with some morning bites, beverages and motivational conversations as we walk all things CP! Raising awareness for Cerebral Palsy and all proceeds will go directly to the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Instagram handles and zoom information below.

A loving sister, Adriana, who grew up with her sister Paula whom lived with Cerebral Palsy for 34 years. She continues to honor her sister’s legacy by bringing awareness to her sister’s condition. We gathered up some of the 3 most influential cerebral palsy social media influencers to have them discuss all things CP live on stage! Hear from them live and chat with them and learn how they got to where they are at now. We will also share the point of view of a parent who has a child with CP and also a sibling’s point of view of what its like to grow up with a sibling with CP. Come join us for a morning chat in one of the trendiest places in Miami as we learn more about this condition and how to overcome disabilities and use it as your key to success!

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