Dante is part of the Exchange for Change Writing Program. I heard this beautiful poem at his graduation ceremony and wanted to share it with the Bekindr community.

Her Smile

By Allington “Dante” Dottin

A pretty girl smiled at me.
I poured forth from my being a reservoir of oration.
I am lauded with resounding ovation.
Did I read into those words correctly?

Was that an offer for poetry publication?

The smile has a name—A*a**a,
The first draft of the novel received with anticipation.
I am awarded double-documentation,
Laughed, misted, gave a few thoughtful huhs,
Overall, generally enjoyed the ceremony of congratulation.

Presented pretty smile with paired poems to ponder,
Plugged the chapbook, and the organization
Thanked the attendees for participation.
We try to express; all fall short; words fail—
To our parallel universe, they brought illumination.

Back at my dwelling I down ibuprofen with coffee foam,
Fabled vaccine for “she likes me” syndrome (second only to Pepto-Bismol).
Not for a moment did I cease thinking of home, yet . . .
The most memorable part of an idyllic day was, and is, her smile
So I guess I am human, after all.