Would you like your unique story to be included in our next book on kindness?

Whether it is a story of how you were kind to someone, how someone was kind to you, or even just witnessing a kind act, we want to hear your story. Bekindr founder and psychiatrist, Eva Ritvo MD, is planning on publishing another book on kindness, and we’re collecting stories from you to go in the book!

No story of kindness is too small. We can even help you write it if you simply give us the basics! You can submit using the button below.

There IS a story inside you! Here are some questions to help you.

  • Have you been the recipient of kindness? Tell us about it!
  • Have you done something you considered to be kind? How did it impact you? How did it impact the other person?
  • What helps you be kind?
  • When did you last feel kind? What was it like for you? How can you bekindr?
  • Have you been kind to a stranger? Has a stranger ever been very kind to you? How did it impact you? Did you become friends after?
  • Has a stranger ever changed your life for the better? If so, how?
  • Have you heard any powerful stories about kind strangers? What was it like hearing the story? Did it change you in any way?