bekindr kind stranger helpsBekindr is a movement to bring more kindness to the world, using neuroscience as our foundation.

We hope you will join us by sharing your own #bekindr stories and engaging in your own #bekindr acts. Your #bekindr story might be included in our upcoming book!

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The Bekindr Challenge!

We know habit change isn’t easy, and we are here to support you in the process. Small changes can lead to big changes, so that’s where we suggest you start. Make a commitment to adding a minimum of 1 minute of...

The Day AFTER Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day should be a joyful celebration, and our mothers deserve a special day. But what about the day after Mother’s Day? And the 363 days after that? What can neuroscience teach us about how to celebrate and treat our mothers...

Don’t Try to Be Happy on International Day of Happiness

For centuries, and in the last few decades in particular, the buzz has been all about happiness. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Do what makes you happy. Don’t worry, be happy. The list of happiness-focused quotes, poems, songs,...

Brene Brown, PhD Compares Empathy and Sympathy

Kindness is empathy, and empathy is kindness. Two sides of the same #bekindr coin!...

#bekindr Story: Addiction and the Gift of a Roomate

A #bekindr story submitted by Dr. Shirley Press, a board-certified pediatric emergency medicine physician & writer. When it comes to drug addiction, kindness can often be the most powerful cure. My son Gershon has struggled with drug addiction since he was...

#bekindr Story: Dr. Wendy Walsh learns a beautiful lesson from a kind stranger

  A #bekindr story about the lessons we can learn from kind strangers, submitted by relationships specialist, journalist, and author Dr. Wendy Walsh (and be sure to check out her site!). I was a young woman in my 20s having...

#bekindr Story: A Kind Stranger at Walt Disney World

A lovely #bekindr story that highlights the power of a kind stranger, submitted by Jennifer Bright Reich, Cofounder and Editorial Director of the Mommy MD Guides (a site you should definitely check out!). When I think of kindness, my mind goes to my...

#Bekindr Story: An aneurysm survivor on gratitude

Submitted by Robert Jordan from Memphis, TN, who suffered a devastating aneurysm in 2015 that changed everything. He has shown heroic dedication to recovery and is back on track for a PhD.  One year ago today was my level 11 state of...

#bekindr Poem: First Anniversary

A beautiful poem on the power of love, devotion, and kindness submitted by a member of the #bekindr community!   “I was 58 and he was 63 when we met online and married. This is a poem I gave my...

#bekindr Poem: Kindness Circa 2009

A beautiful #bekindr poem submitted to us by Debbie Rodriguez, a Certified Consulting Hypnotist KINDNESS CIRCA 2009 Momma once said – how kind to forgive, then went on cleaning. I wondered who have you forgiven? then went on dreaming. Closed eyes reveal...

Kindness and the Better Angels of Our Nature

As we evolve as a species, there is a trend toward growing kindness. Although the media would have us believe that violence is more prevalent than ever, the facts show the reverse. Steven Pinker in the New York Times Bestseller,...
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#bekindr Story: A Kind Stranger on a Plane

This #bekindr story was submitted by Osamu Toki My “kind strangers” story happened when I first came to the US in the summer of 1980.  Actually, on my very first day in the US.  I was a high school exchange...
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#bekindr Story: A Headstone for Bryton

This amazing #bekindr story was submitted by Bari Lynn Ross: Six years ago, my husband and I went into the hospital for a scheduled c-section. Upon arrival, we found that our son’s heartbeat had stopped and there would be no...

A Brush with Death & Kindness

An odd thing happened last night one day after we finally launched BEKINDR. Let me explain. I took my daughter to see The Big Short.  She is in her early twenties and was born with a complicated medical condition. I...

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