Copper Pearl Reviews

When was Copper Pearl founded?

Stephanie Lee and Kristin Reichert founded Copper Pearl in June 2015. Both co-founders want to offer fashionable yet functional clothing company for babies and toddlers. Then, their dreams successfully come true and result in high ratings! 

Copper Pearl Reviews
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New parents who are just having babies will love the products a lot because they feature organic materials. This consideration allows the baby to wear it comfily without getting scared of getting irritation due to the sensitive skin. 

In addition, the pattern collections are enormous! The company collaborates with Sesame Street to create a more playful design with true-to-size features. You will love the look because it is cheerful and colorful. 

If you’re curious about its reputation, presses such as Popsugar, Motherly, US Weekly, and Romper reviewed the company. Also, it gets attention from customers, resulting in over 229K followers on Facebook and 453K on Instagram. 

This Copper Pearl review will discuss the company’s features to give you more insights. So, will you stay with us till the end? Let’s start with the highlights below if you’re willing to do so!  

Why Copper Pearl?

This fashion company does not only focus on product manufacture. Instead, it aims to exceed the customer’s satisfaction by ensuring the product released is fully monitored. 

Why Copper Pearl?
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Other than that, the company has other highlights to see, including: 

Copper Pearl Highlights 

  • Utah-based baby accessories company
  • Made of high-quality fabrics 
  • Available in different sizes 
  • Runs true-to-size 
  • Provides a variety of patterns 
  • Organic and suits sensitive skin 
  • Offers one-pack and bundle with specific discounts 
  • 6-month money-back guarantee 
  • Ships internationally 
  • Receives overall 5/5 rating from 16.6K customers 

What's On Copper Pearl

After knowing the brand’s plus points, you can’t forget about the product classifications. Since baby accessories are huge in variety, which one is available in this brand? 

What's On Copper Pearl
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Here is the category explanation: 

Bibs & Burp Cloths: Bandana Bibs, Fashion Bibs, Burp Cloths, etc. 
Accessories: Binky Clips, Multi-Use Covers, Nylon Bows, etc. 
Apparel: Knotted Gowns, Sleep Bags, Pajamas, Bodysuits, etc. 
Swaddles & Blankets: Swaddles, Loveys, Three-Layer Quilts, etc. 
Bed & Bath: Crib Sheets, Washcloths, Pad Covers, etc. 
Bundle Builder: Bundle package which features a 15% discount 

On top of that, this Copper Pearl review will elaborate on the best-selling items below. 

Then, let’s start the discussion on the first best-selling now! 

Copper Pearl Camel Knit Swaddle Blanket Reviews

Say hi to the first all-rounders, Camel Knit Swaddle Blanket! Truthfully, this product offers 207 shades. You can choose from the basic one to a more cheerful option.

Copper Pearl Camel Knit Swaddle Blanket Reviews
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In addition, it is 46 x 46 inches, which is perfect for babies to toddlers. You can use it functionally as a swaddle or blanket. It is made of polyester with a rayon combination, resulting in a smooth, stretchy, and durable fabric.

Furthermore, you can wash it in the machine with cold water and lay it fly to dry. Therefore, this lightweight and breathable swaddle is perfect for keeping your baby cozy in the morning and at night. 

Copper Pearl Sesame Friends Sleep Bag Reviews

Sesame Friends Sleep Bag is one of the collaboration products of Sesame Street featuring Copper Pearl. It offers 4 sizes, which differ between babies to toddlers. You can check the details and choose the most suitable one for your children. 

Copper Pearl Sesame Friends Sleep Bag Reviews
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Also, the playful pattern sleep bag features a 1.70 Thermal Overall Grade (TOG), the same as room temperature. This allows your baby to sleep comfortably throughout the year! The premium knit fabric makes it stretchy and breathable for the baby. 

Furthermore, this fashionable sleep sack is easy to take care of. Merely wash cold in a machine and tumble it in a dry low heat. Therefore, you can protect your baby thoroughly with the tag-free neck, wrap-around zipper, and nursery’s style sleep bag

Copper Pearl Archer Premium Burp Cloths Reviews

Do you ever feel burdened during burp time? Say no more because this cotton-based Archer Premium Burp Cloths is ready to help! It has an oversized 21 x 10 inches size that can thoroughly cover your shoulders. 

Copper Pearl Archer Premium Burp Cloths Reviews
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Moreover, the cloth features an absorbent fleece layer that will stop the drool immediately. You may even choose another 82 available shades that suit your taste.

You can wash the burp in a machine and tumble it with low heat whenever the burp finishes. So, are you ready to give your baby a reliable foundation during the burp time? 


Copper Pearl Bridger Three-Layer Quilt Reviews

Lucky you because Bridger Three-Layer Quilt offers double-styled with triple cosiness. It is available in 100 shades, from basic to patterned one. You don’t even need much time to take care of it. Instead, wash it in the machine and tumble it dry! 

Copper Pearl Bridger Three-Layer Quilt Reviews
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Furthermore, you can let your kid snuggle inside this breathable, stretchy combination of polyester and rayon. It is also wide enough, with 46 x 46 inches dimensions

Since its materials are premium, the blanket will cool your baby during warm weather and vice versa. Thus, you’ll find no more trouble during sleeping because of this trendy yet smooth quilt

Copper Pearl Rex Baby Bandana Bibs Reviews

The absorbent cotton and polyester combination make this 4-pack Rex Baby Bandana Bibs the best choice for drool. The design is stylish, and the backside is soft to keep your baby dry. 

Copper Pearl Rex Baby Bandana Bibs Reviews
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In addition, the product has 2 nickel-free snaps, which are adjustable for babies ranging from 0 to 36 months. This bandana bib is also available in other shades, with around 103 options which allow you to choose your desired pattern. 

If the texture is dirty, you can clean it in a machine with cold water. Don’t forget to lay flat to dry. Then, will you buy this set for yourself or give it as a present for your beloved cousins? 

Copper Pearl Pricing

Do you now prepare to purchase your baby organic clothes? If so, find the price in the following table before placing an order! 

Product Price
Camel Knit Swaddle Blanket $25.95 $18.99
Sesame Friends Sleep Bag $44.95 $28.99
Archer Premium Burp Cloths $21.95 $19.75
Bridger Three-Layer Quilt $64.95
Rex Baby Bandana Bibs $21.95 $19.75

Copper Pearl Sale 

  • Subscribe to the official website and receive a 10% discount for your first-time order
  • Create a bundle and save 15% on your order
  • Free US shipping for purchases $50+ 
  • Shop 50% off Summer Sale 
  • Text “Pearl” to 67758 to unlock a 15% coupon code
  • Buy bulk orders to receive a wholesale price 
  • etc.

Copper Pearl Pros and Cons

The following pros and cons will help you to know more about the brand. Then, take a look closer! 


  • Comfortable baby accessories
  • Offers many discounts and sales 
  • Ships to several countries worldwide 
  • Free US shipping fee for orders over $50 
  • 30-day return policy 
  • 6-month warranty policy 


  • Only ships to 17 countries worldwide 

Copper Pearl Customer Reviews

This section will tell you the real thoughts of customers after purchasing Copper Pearl products. As this review title defines, the company gets an overall 5/5 rating from 16.6K customers. What about the ratings of the products? 

Copper Pearl Customer Reviews
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Here are the ratings of the abovementioned baby accessories: 

Further, below is what a satisfied customer says: 

Adorable print and Copper Pearl swaddles are absolutely my favorite! Soft and big, making them the best for daily use!

This customer’s favorite from the company is swaddled with cute prints. Thanks to the soft material, the product is perfect for daily use. 

Another customer says: 

My son cannot sleep without this Copper Pearl blanket! I wanna get him one in every pattern. Now, everyone in the house loves how soft his blanket is and wants one.

This customer is happy because her son can sleep comfily due to the Three-Layer Quilt. Further, all of her family wants the same, too! 

Simply put, this company performs incredibly in providing high-quality baby accessories for all families. Therefore, customers are satisfied with their purchases. 

Is Copper Pearl Worth It?

Undoubtedly, this company does not only win from the pattern choices. Instead, Copper Pearl is worth buying due to its functional features, prioritizing the baby’s safety and comfort. 

Is Copper Pearl Worth It?
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You can stop searching for another brand because this one has everything you need. Furthermore, it will ship your package internationally! Then, start choosing your desired pattern and buy it now! 

Where to Buy Copper Pearl

Moms and dads can purchase the products through the official website. It allows you to get a free shipping perk if your cart has over $50 orders. 

The company also has an official store on Amazon. Last, you can get your favorite pattern of sleep sacks from authorized retailers. Whichever your choice, ensure it is original from the manufacturer! 

Copper Pearl Customer Service

Some of you may face problems during the ordering process. If it happens to you, please contact customer service immediately. These are the addresses: 

Please bare with the period because they may need 24 hours to reply. Then, the team will immediately help to solve your issues. 


Delve into Copper Pearl

Do you want to know more about the company? Look no further than reading the following questions and answers! 

How often does Copper Pearl have sales?

You’ll see 2 to 3 times of sales offered by this company. So, ensure you subscribe to the official website for more discount codes!

What is the TOG rating of Copper Pearl sleep sack?

This company offers 2 TOG ratings: 1.25 and 1.7. 

How long does it take Copper Pearl to ship?

The team needs 2 to 3 business days to prepare your package from the Utah warehouse. 


Copper Pearl is an impressive company offering baby accessories you can purchase affordably. You won’t regret any purchase because the products feature high-quality products with functional features. 

The products are also soft and promote comfort. Then, visit the official website to get your needed products now! Don’t forget to fill your cart over $50 to get the free shipping perk! 

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