Magnetic Me Reviews

Lauren is a mother who experiences the difficulty of wearing a Velcro bib. She and her husband, Lawrence, then created Magnetic Me in 2010. They released baby clothes with magnetic closures for easy wearing. 

Magnetic Me Reviews
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This family business utilizes tight-fit mode so that the product will keep your baby safe. With SewSafe technology, the magnet is created inside the fabric. In addition, it is hospital-approved by the doctors and nurses in the pediatric department. 

They create clothes for babies, and the founders provide products for toddlers, adults, and older people. Furthermore, the clothes are sourced ethically from high-quality materials, which promotes soft and smooth textures.

The founders ever appeared on Shark Tank, but the episode did not air. Still, many press review it thoroughly. They include PopSugar, SFGATE, Romper, babylist, etc. It also has over 36K followers on Facebook and 147K on Instagram. 

Then, keep reading this Magnetic Me review if you’re curious about its features. You’ll see highlights, product classifications, best-selling items, etc. Thus, let’s get started! 

Why Magnetic Me?

As written in the previous section, you may see the company’s highlights. It is a compilation of strengths you must know. 

Why Magnetic Me?
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Then, here they are: 

Magnetic Me Highlights 

  • Easy-to-wear clothing with SewSafe magnetic closure 
  • Soft and luxe fabric made with eco-friendly material 
  • Suitable for all family members from baby to granny 
  • Hospital-approved and endorsed by medical first responders 
  • Offers re-loved for used products 
  • Donates magnetic closure pajamas to ICUs across the US 
  • Eco-friendly packaging and ships internationally 
  • Gains many good feedbacks from customers 

What's On Magnetic Me

Since you reach this section, you may want to know more about Magnetic Me product classifications. As discussed, you’ll get many clothes recommendations from babies to older people. 

What's On Magnetic Me
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Here are the 4 categorizations

Baby (Newborn-24 Months): Footies, Dresses, Twotie, Romperts, etc. 
Kids (Toddler to 8-year-old Kids): Pajamas, Dresses, and Raincoats.
Adults: Pajamas, Nursing Essentials, Clothes for Seniors, etc. 
Print Shop: Custom design designed by female artists worldwide. 

Then, the 2 following products we’ll discuss in the Magnetic Me review are: 

Without stopping by, let’s delve into the first product review now! 

Magnetic Me Modal Magnetic Footie Reviews

Say hi to the most sold-out product, the Modal Magnetic Footie. It is a favorite pattern by parents due to SewSafe magnetic closure. In addition, the TENCEL Modal material promotes breathable and is suitable for sensitive skin

Magnetic Me Modal Magnetic Footie Reviews
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This product features a temperature regulator that will keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer. The 9-12 m has a snug fit and is perfect for newborns to 24-month years old babies. 

Parents don’t have to worry about the slide because it has non-slip foot grips and mitten cuffs. Also, parents can use it effectively due to its easy care features. Then, wash it in the machine and provide a silky smooth cloth for your baby. 

Magnetic Me Modal Magnetic Romper Reviews

Do you prefer short clothes rather than a footie? If so, you can choose this Modal Magnetic Romper for newborns to 24-month babies. This product has cheerful motives that will enhance your kid’s moods. 

Magnetic Me Modal Magnetic Romper Reviews
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It features a signature magnet from SewSafe technology for easy dressing and changing. In addition, the soft textures come from TENCEL modal material. It is sustainably sourced and promotes breathable, temperature regulator, and fade-resistant.

Since it is a comfy fit, you can choose the best size for your baby. Furthermore, caring for this product is easy because it is machine washable. So ensure you clean it thoroughly, then your child will snuggle comfortably! 

Magnetic Me Size Chart

Sizing is vital before purchasing a cloth. After all, you can’t purchase larger sizes for your baby. Please visit the Size Chart classification on the official website to match the measurement. 

The crew ensures to provide a tight fit to keep your children safe. The company recommends matching the number based on weight and height, not age. Thus, you can consider the factor and get the size you prefer! 

Magnetic Me vs Simply Magnetic Me

Is Simply Magnetic Me the same as Magnetic Me?

Since the two brands’ names are similar, you may wonder about the difference between Magnetic Me and Simply Magnetic Me. Then, here is the comparison: 

Magnetic Me  Simply Magnetic Me
  • Owner of Simply Magnetic Me 
  • Features TENCEL material 
  • Manufactures in China and India 
  • Provides re-loved on the official site 
  • 36K Facebook followers
  • 147K Instagram followers
  • Sister brand of Magnetic Me 
  • Features CloudStretch material 
  • Manufactures in China 
  • It doesn’t offer preloved 
  • 5.5K Facebook followers
  • 31K Instagram followers

Magnetic Me Pricing

Other than a product review, preparing the budget is a must. Below is the price of the abovementioned baby care: 

Modal Magnetic Footie $40
Modal Magnetic Romper $38 $30.40

Magnetic Me Sale and Promotions

  • Subscribe to the newsletter and receive particular discount codes 
  • Grab 15% off a first-time order
  • Create an account on Reward Programs for exclusive perks 
  • Join the Ambassador Program to earn a commission 
  • Buy bulk orders to get wholesale price 
  • Free US shipping when you buy $100+ 
  • Enjoy a semi-annual sale and annual sale 
  • etc. 

Then, are you ready to get the offer? 

Magnetic Me Pros and Cons

Parents will be careful in choosing products for their children. Then, find the brand’s pros and cons on the list below before placing an order! 


  • Magnetic clothing made for babies to older people 
  • Sourced-ethically material at a high-quality  
  • Cheerful motives to enhance mood 
  • Offers many sales and deals 
  • Ships worldwide 
  • Free US shipping fee for orders over $100 
  • 30-day return policy 


  • No free international shipping fee
  • It doesn’t provide bundle modal footie 

Magnetic Me Customer Reviews

This section will discuss ratings and testimonials. You’ll see how customers react after purchasing the products from Magnetic Me. Then, let’s get started! 

Magnetic Me Customer Reviews
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Below are the ratings of the abovementioned baby clothes: 

Meanwhile, here is what a satisfied customer says:

We, parents, are obsessed with the lightweight footies. It is easy to get on and off, and it is super soft while not being too hot during summer.

This parent is happy because the footie is lightweight, easy to wear, and easy to take off. Furthermore, the texture is soft and cold enough for the summer. 

Another customer says: 

It is my favorite onesie for my newborn baby. Extremely soft, and I love the magnets due to the quick and quiet diaper changes

This mom finds the footie soft for her newborn. It is her favorite of all and easy to wear! 

The last customer says: 

It is the cutest little romper! So perfect for spring. It is so handsome on my lil guy, and the fabric is so soft as always. …

This dad is delicate because the motive is cute and suits his son well. Furthermore, the fabric is smooth, which is perfect for spring. 

Simply put, Magnetic Me is the best shop to provide clothing for all customers. The product is high quality, and the access for wearing and taking off is incredible! 

Is Magnetic Me Worth It?

Providing the best for your baby may start with the clothes. It is essential because you can’t let your kids wear uncomfortable clothing. Indeed, Magnetic Me is worth buying due to its magnetic closure!

Is Magnetic Me Worth It?
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Its features are amazing because your baby can easily wear and take it off. Furthermore, the ethically-sourced material is gentle for sensitive skin. Your children will find it breathable and silky smooth. 

Its temperature regulator will manage the heat and cool effectively. Then, you can leave its reviews Reddit because it is no need. Instead, click the link below and check the availability’s products now! 

Where to Buy Magnetic Me

Parents who want to purchase baby cloth from this company are lucky. How so? Because the company sells it through 3 places: the official website, marketplaces, and authorized retailers. 

You may visit Amazon and Nordstrom to search for its official store. Meanwhile, retailers are available across the US. You can choose the one you prefer and purchase it now! 

Magnetic Me Customer Service

Is a problem arise during the order process? Don’t panic because the team will help with your issues. Then, contact them through these ways: 

In addition, the team will stay on Live Chat during the weekdays. Whichever method you choose, please wait for the response patiently because the team may need 24 hours to reply. 


Dig deeper on Magnetic Me

Wondering about another thing from this company? Look no further than reading the following section! 

What is Magnetic Me made of?

The company utilizes 4 different fabrics, from modal, cotton, velour, and minky, at the highest quality. 

Are Magnetic Me onesies safe?

Yes, the product is safe and sound for babies to older people. The SewSafe technology will seal the magnet inside the fabric so that it does not danger your children. 


Magnetic Me is the company you can trust to provide your baby’s clothes. It has magnetic garments give you easy access to wear and change outfits. In addition, the availability is for everyone from youngsters to older adults. 

Parents may even feel happy because the product’s magnet is safe and sound. It is inside the fabric, so your children can’t hold the closure. Then, let’s visit the official website to check the stock availability! So, start shopping! 

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