AHIMSA Reviews

Who is the founder of AHIMSA home?

AHIMSA, meaning to avoid harm, was founded by a mom and pediatrician in 2019. Dr. Manasa Mantravadi, MD, took this Sanskrit word to define a sustainable stainless steel dinnerware set for kids and adults. 

AHIMSA Reviews
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Why is it sustainable? Because it promotes a more durable plate and bowl that is washable and dishwasher safe. This founder encourages parents to provide healthier meals with divided plate parts. 

In addition, you can use it safely because it is free of BPA, PVC, melamine, and other harmful materials. The colorful shade it offers even makes children anticipate eating time more than before, gaining more appetite. 

Currently, the company collaborates with many schools in the USA to change their plastic-base plates to stainless steel material. Its movement is famous, resulting in collaboration with Forbes, Motherly, TODAY, PopSugar, and other publication press. 

Thousands of people love the idea, resulting in over 8.1K followers on Facebook and 39.3K on Instagram. To provide you with a better understanding, this AHIMSA review will walk you through deep research on the company. Let’s begin! 

Why Shop at AHIMSA?

Besides having many followers and reviews on media, this Indiana-based company offers more features. Are they helpful for parents? 

Why Shop at AHIMSA?
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facebook.com/ahimsahomeusa https://facebook.com/ahimsahomeusa

Find the reasons on the list below! 

AHIMSA Highlights 

  • Dinnerware set with no harmful materials 
  • Pediatrician mom-designed
  • Kid and adult-friendly 
  • Lab-tested by US Customer Product Safety Council (CPSC)
  • Dishwasher-safe and durable 
  • Encourages healthier eating habits
  • Promotes sustainability and reduces wastes 
  • Suitable for home, cafe, or school cafeteria  
  • Limited lifetime warranty 
  • Ships to 50 states in the US 
  • Gets a lot of positive feedback from customers 

What's On AHIMSA

Since the company is new, it does not have a huge collection to purchase. Yet, you can refer to the official website to get a one-pack or family bundle. So, what products are there? 

What's On AHIMSA
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Get to know more through the list below: 

To make you understand about the company faster, this AHIMSA review will focus on the best-selling products such as: 

Then, let’s get started!

AHIMSA Mindful Mealtime Set Reviews

Here comes AHIMSA’s best-selling Mindful Mealtime Set, made without harmful materials. This children’s set product offers 3 colorful shades with dishwasher-safe, durable, and stackable features. 

AHIMSA Mindful Mealtime Set Reviews
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In addition, parents can serve their 12+ months children with this set. It contains a charcuterie plate, an 8 oz cup, an 8 oz bowl, and forks and spoons. The size is just right, allowing you to train your kid’s motor skills. 

Thanks to the divided tray, you can place every healthy meal perfectly. Ensure to balance the carbs, veggies, fruits, and other vitamins so your kids get their daily intake. Then, which of the shades will you buy for your baby? 

AHIMSA Purposeful Plates Reviews

Do you need a round plate to serve snacks to your kids? If so, buying these Purposeful Plates is the best answer! This one is a package of 4 pieces, allowing you to prepare meals for all your family members. 

AHIMSA Purposeful Plates Reviews
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Moreover, it is made of durable stainless steel, with no peeling or breaking. This stackable product has no harmful materials, such as PVC, BPA, melamine, etc. Its 9 inches round shape will encourage you to get sufficient intake. 

Further, the plate is beautiful with 3 different shades. You can check your desired one and increase your children’s eating appetite. Not to mention, it is safe in a dishwasher. Therefore, you don’t need much energy to clean it after eating! 

AHIMSA The Square Reviews

We must say that AHIMSA’s customers are so lucky. Why so? Because the founder offers The Square, a box you can bring for any occasion! Whether for lunch box, picnic event, or event pool party! 

AHIMSA The Square Reviews
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It is made of 100% recycled stainless steel, which is durable and long-lasting. The lid is easy to open, allowing your kids to access the snack you brought them. Further, it won’t hurt your kids due to the non-existence of harmful materials. 

The Square mostly fits inside lunch bags. This doctor-designed box is available in 3 shades. Then, you can ask your kids which colors they love the most and get the desired one now! 

AHIMSA Pricing

Not only should you know the product features, but also you must know the pricing. It allows you to budget the shopping without interrupting your monthly financial condition. Here is the price detail: 

To get more coupon codes, please do the following actions: 

  • Subscribe to the official website for unique promo codes
  • Use discount code SQUARE4 to get 15% OFF on 4+ squares
  • Obtain 20% OFF on 8+ squares by using the coupon code SQUARE8
  • Join the affiliate program to earn an 8% commission 
  • Buy bulk orders to get wholesale prices 
  • Purchase over $125 for free standard shipping fee
  • etc. 

AHIMSA Pros and Cons

Rather than being an impulsive buyer, you can’t skip the following pros and cons because they will make your decision better. Then, find the differences on the list below! 


  • Stainless steel dishes for all ages
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Gains kid’s appetite 
  • Colorful and well-made design 
  • Rust-resistant material 
  • Compatible with FDA food-contact requirements 
  • Provides mealtime guide 
  • Free US shipping fee for orders of $125+
  • 90-day return policy 


  • Warranty policy only occurs on US orders
  • The products are not microwave-safe 
  • No international shipping yet 

AHIMSA Customer Testimonials

Before spending a lot, an investment is always worth it if you are satisfied with the purchase. Then, let’s see how good customer satisfaction is in the following explanation. 

AHIMSA Customer Testimonials
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ahimsahome.com https://ahimsahome.com

Below is the ratings of the stainless steel dishware: 

Further, here is what a satisfied customer said: 

… they are so modern, beautiful, and durable. I love these stainless steel dishware because they’re safe and won’t leach any chemicals into my kid’s food, they are dishwasher-safe, and kid-friendly! … 

This customer is delighted because the pieces are so gorgeous. The material promotes more functions than others, which is helpful for her kids. 

Another customer said: 

My wifey and I are impressed with the quality, and we use the dishes for most of our meals. They hold the right amount, they work well during meal time, and they don’t chip or break. … 

This customer is happy because his family can eat healthier food due to the meal guide. In addition, the quality is beyond amazing! 

In short, the colorful and cheerful plates from AHIMSA Home become a primadonna. Many customers are in love with the quality, features, and durability. Thus, they are satisfied with their purchases. 

Is AHIMSA Worth It?

Checking the company’s plates Reddit may relieve your mind. But it is no longer needed because AHIMSA’s products are worth investing in! Its sustainable value and highly durable material will be a long-lasting investment. 

Is AHIMSA Worth It?
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facebook.com/ahimsahomeusa https://facebook.com/ahimsahomeusa

In addition, the colorful shades are helpful to keep your baby’s eating habits. They will never reject eating on beautiful dinnerware, no matter the meal you are serving! You can even place more healthy foods on its divided tray. 

Further, you don’t have to worry about safety because it is free of harmful elements. Thus, you can smile, and your kid’s appetite will increase immediately! 

Where to Buy AHIMSA

Parents who want to teach their children to eat more can immediately place an order through the official website. Do you want to get the free shipping perk? Fill in your cart for over $125, then! 

Further, the company welcomes every school wanting to transform the cafeteria with stainless steel dishware. You can visit the official website or check the products on Amazon’s official store. So, are you ready to shop? 

AHIMSA Contact

Do you have more questions about the company after reading the product’s stainless steel reviews? AHIMSA Home is ready to help and answer your questions. Please get in touch with the team in these ways: 

Leaving your message through the Live Chat will also give you a faster answer. But remember that customer service will be online from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM PST. You can also visit the headquarters located at the address below. 

AHIMSA Home Address
320 North Meridian St, Suite 614
Indianapolis, IN 
46204 USA 


Dig deeply to AHIMSA

Parents may not be patient to purchase the products. Still, reading the following FAQs will be helpful. Here they are: 

Who owns AHIMSA?

Dr. Manasa Mantravadi, MD, is the founder. 

Where are AHIMSA products made?

The products are designed in the USA and made in India. 

Where is AHIMSA set?

The company is based in Indianapolis, IN, USA. 


AHIMSA is a brilliant company offering stainless steel meal trays as a transformation from plastic material. This innovation amazes many people because of its durability. Further, you won’t be disappointed in buying it because it promotes healthier eating habits! 

Parents will be relieved because many kids are interested in colorful shades. They can choose the classic metal, rainbow, or iridescent blue. Then, what kind of meal you’ll prepare for them? Whatever it is, let’s get the recyclable plates from AHIMSA now! 

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