Ceres Chill Reviews

What is a Ceres Chiller?

Lisa Myers is an attorney, facing obstacles while pumping breast milk and working simultaneously. This clever mom invents a patented technology allowing you to keep the milk at the correct temperature with Ceres Chill in 2018. 

Ceres Chill Reviews
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Its product is a chiller and warmer that is TSA-certified and airport-friendly. You may request reimbursement because FSA, HSA, and HRA approve the company! Lisa’s main concern is to help moms at work to have accessible milk savings. 

Furthermore, you can pour up to 24 ounces of milk inside the chiller. The product gains much attention since it is high-quality, insulated, and BPA-free. Why? Because it can keep the temp correctly for over 20 hours

This Seattle-based company is interviewed and reviewed by presses. As a result, you can see it on Forbes, The Strategist, Entrepreneur, Motherly, Healthline, and so on. The social media followers also reached 49.7K on Facebook and Instagram. 

If you’re a working mom searching for a solution for pumping and breast milk saving, look no further than reading this Ceres Chill review till the end. Therefore, prepare yourself and start digging in now! 

Why Shop at Ceres Chill?

Moving to this section, the review will not dig too deeply. Instead, you will see why the company is famous among breastfeeding moms. 

Why Shop at Ceres Chill?
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Here is the detail: 

Ceres Chill Highlights 

  • Breastmilk chiller for all breastfeeding moms 
  • Compatible with almost all breast pumps from different brands 
  • 20+ hours of continuous chilling features 
  • BPA/BPS free 
  • Functional, easy-to-use, and travel-friendly 
  • Approved by FSA, HSA, and HRA 
  • Suitable for tea, coffee, and even wine 
  • Features lifetime warranty 
  • Ships internationally 
  • 100% hassle-free purchasing 
  • Gets positive feedback from mommies

What's On Ceres Chill

As the name implies, the company aims to provide helpful devices for moms during breastfeeding. Specifically, what are the products you can purchase from Ceres Chill

What's On Ceres Chill
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The company offers nursery needs ranging from 40 products. Yet, this Ceres Chill review will focus on the 3 best-selling below: 

Then, let’s sit comfortably and start reading the following discussion! 

Ceres Chill OG Breastmilk Chiller Reviews

Say hello to the best-selling that offers 9 shades, OG Breastmilk Chiller! This product can hold 12 to 24 oz, but if you don’t use ice cubes, it can hold up capacity to 34 oz. In addition, this extra-large item is approved by FSA, HSA, and HRA

Ceres Chill OG Breastmilk Chiller Reviews
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Breastfeeding moms will be happy because the product is compatible with most breast pumps. Due to the patent-pending technology, this chiller can stay 20+ hours of safe chilling. Furthermore, it is easy to use and travel-friendly. 

Using this chiller allows you to reduce contamination risk. Even better, the inner chamber and plastic compartments are dishwasher safe. Therefore, you can use this chiller whatever your busy routine demands. 

Ceres Chill Demigoddess Mini Chiller Reviews

What if the OG Chiller is too spacious for your bag? No worries, because Demigoddess Mini Chiller will be the solution! It is only 16 ounces in size and is available in 2 shades. The parts are interchangeable, and you can use every compartment effectively. 

Ceres Chill Demigoddess Mini Chiller Reviews
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TSA loves it due to its travel-friendly features. It is also compatible with all breast pumps, allowing you to chill the breast milk for over 20 hours safely. You can also request reimbursement since HSA, FSA, and HRA approve it. 

In addition, the compact size is suitable for travel. It also features patented technology and allows you to reduce the risk of contamination. Don’t forget to quickly clean the inner chamber and plastic parts because it is dishwasher safe. 

Ceres Chill Shield Maiden Nipple Guard Reviews

Do you and your baby face challenges in breastfeeding? Then, look no further than to solve your problem using this Shield Maiden Nipple Guard.

Ceres Chill Shield Maiden Nipple Guard Reviews
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This uniquely designed nipple shield allows your baby to latch and suckle efficiently. Furthermore, the guard is flexible, breathable, and comfortable.

One thing you’ll love about using the item is its colorless features when it touches your actual skin. Therefore, this apparent product gives you a breastfeeding level to the next level. 

How to Use Ceres Chill

Instructions Guide

Since the chiller’s concept is unique, most moms are curious about how to use it. Worry not because the following explanation will tell you thoroughly.

How to Use Ceres Chill
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Let’s begin! 

  1. First, finish the pumping till the latest drop is collected. 
  2. Unscrew all of the compartments and prepare 6-8 ice crescent cubes. 
  3. Fill the outer chamber with the ice cubes. 
  4. Then, open the inner chamber and pour in the breast milk there. 
  5. Put the inner chamber inside the outer and tighten the parts to prevent leaking. 
  6. That’s it! You’re ready to keep the breast milk at the right temperature for 20+ hours. 

Further, the company provides a Product Guide on the official website. You may refer to the written step to avoid troubleshooting. So, are you ready to be free from the complicated breastfeeding situations? 

Ceres Chill Price

This section will define the price of the abovementioned nursing compartments. You can prepare the budget mentions as follows: 

OG Breastmilk Chiller $68.98
Demigoddess Mini Chiller $58.45
Shield Maiden Nipple Guard $15.75

Further, you may practice the actions below to get special discounts: 

  • Join the Ceres Club by submitting your email, enjoy some deals, and get a discount code if you’re lucky!
  • Get 20% off for first responders, military families, and essential workers 

Ceres Chill Pros and Cons

Pumping moms who can relate to keeping their breast milk safe may have more curiosity about the brands. If you do, find the pros and cons in the following list! 


  • Helpful chiller and warmer device for breastfeeding moms
  • Easy-to-use and dishwasher safe 
  • Insulated inner chamber 
  • It can hold up to 24 ounces of breast milk 
  • Available in many variants 
  • Provides reimbursement due to the FSA, HSA, and HRA approval 
  • Customers get a limited lifetime warranty 
  • Ships worldwide 


  • US free shipping must sign up for a form first 
  • No free shipping for international orders 
  • Limited lifetime warranty is only eligible for purchase on the official website 
  • Return policy is unspecified 

Ceres Chill Customer Testimonials

Pros and cons knowledge only is insufficient. Instead, you must know about the people’s reactions after using the nursery needs from Ceres Chill. Then, stay tuned to this section to learn more! 

Ceres Chill Customer Testimonials
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Below are the ratings of the nursing needs above: 

Apparently, many customers give high ratings for their purchases. Then, let’s see what they said from the utterances below: 

… Pumping and storing milk in the middle on the road is hard to keep it at the right temperature. The OG Ceres Chill comes in clutch and my milk stays perfect! So easy to use. … 

This customer is delighted because she can keep her breast milk while traveling at the best temperature. Further, the chiller is compact and portable. 

Another customer says: 

I love how easy it is to use and that I do not need to bring a cooler and ice packs whenever I travel. It makes pumping on-the-go is much easier. It is definitely a must-have!

This customer is thankful because the chiller lets her pump effectively. Even better, the device is easy to use and a must-have for all breastfeeding moms. 

In short, Ceres Chill is an amazing company offering accessible pumping and keeping breast milk at the correct temperature. Not only is the device easy to use, but it also gives a lot easier usage for every mother. 

Is Ceres Chill Worth It?

Ceres Chill is so worth buying for every working mom who travels frequently. She can cut the time because the chiller allows her to keep the breast milk safe for over 20+ hours. 

Is Ceres Chill Worth It?
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You can trust the company since health organizations approve it. Further, you do not need many compartments to pump during your busy routine. 

So you don’t need to search its review Reddit anymore. Instead, click the link below and start buying your desired chiller now! 

Where to Buy Ceres Chill

Mommies can buy the products through the official website, official store on Amazon, and authorized retailers worldwide. These options allow you to buy a chiller and nipple shield at the original place. 

You’ll also get the original products without fearing getting the dupe or used one. Therefore, are you ready to pump while working or traveling and keeping your breast milk quality high?

Ceres Chill Contact

Do you have more questions about the breast milk chiller? If you do, ask for assistance by contacting customer service at: 

You may also read the FAQ first because, who knows, your question has an answer there. But if you insist on contacting the team, please wait at least 24 hours for the response. 


Learn Ceres Chiller deeply

To let you understand the company better, the following most-asked question will give you several answers. Find it below! 

Is the Ceres Chill safe?

Absolutely! The product is made of BPA/BPS-free material and is insulated. 

How long does Ceres Chill stay cold?

This company’s breastmilk storage bottle can stay cold for up to 20+ hours. 

What is the difference between thermos and Ceres Chill?

Here are some differences you must know: 

  • The regular thermos can’t keep the fresh breastmilk at a safe temperature. 
  • The chiller from the company is certified and safely tested for infants. 
  • Thermos is not compatible with pump devices. Meanwhile, the chiller is compatible. 


Ceres Chill is a Seattle-based company founded by a woman attorney aiming to help breastfeeding moms with game-changer solutions. The chiller is made of high-quality materials that are dishwasher-safe. 

In addition, you can purchase it with ease from the official website, marketplace, and authorized retailers. So, do you want to pump breast milk and keep it safely at the correct temperature? Check the product and place an order now! 

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