Kyte Baby Reviews

Ying Liu is a mother who is concerned about her eczema baby. She could not help but suffer because her baby couldn’t sleep well. This reason led her to create stress-free and sleep-safe clothes by founding Kyte Baby in 2014. 

Kyte Baby Reviews
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At first, this Chinese woman did not know what to do. But she can initially create the product thanks to the hailing of her aunt’s small business in China. She worked hard until the company had US, Canada, UK, and China warehouses

This Texas-based company offers many products with Standard 100 by OEKE-TEX. You’ll find sleep sacks, apparel, sleepwear, accessories, towels, and washcloths. Furthermore, they are soft silk due to the 100% bamboo materials

Because Ying Liu is also a mom, she ensures that every product is well-made. You would find every product manufactured by this company lovely. Even better, it has a collaboration with our beloved witch Harry Potter

Since the company offers impressive products, you can see its publication on People, Today, BuzzFeed, etc. Its incredible fame results in more than 736K followers on Instagram and 93K on Facebook! 

If this brief introduction bewitches you, let’s dig deeper into this Kyte Baby review and see its fabulous products. Thus, prepare the adorable motives you like the most to support your child comfily. For now, let’s move on to the following section!

Why Shop at Kyte Baby?

What makes Kyte Baby so good?

This company is famous for no reason. Instead, it is incredibly well-known because of its excellent products. People are curious why does the company so good. To answer the question, you may read on to the following highlights. 

Why Shop at Kyte Baby?
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So, take a look closer! 

Kyte Baby Highlights 

  • A timeless 100% bamboo-made baby and children’s clothes 
  • Promotes stress-free and safe sleep  
  • Women-owned brand 
  • Suitable for new-born babies to small kids and adults 
  • Various collections, from sleep sacks and onesies to bath compartments 
  • Reported widely by many prominent magazines and presses
  • Ships internationally by owning warehouses in the US, Canada, UK, and China 
  • Receives thousands of 5-rating stars on the website 

What's On Kyte Baby

After reading a long introduction from the previous sections, you now understand the company’s products. To dig deeper, let’s see the classification and what we will discuss in this Kyte Baby review

What's On Kyte Baby
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Here are 5 classifications you’ll find: 

Sleep Bags Baby  Toddler
Adult  Bath   

But since this article is limited, would you mind if we only focus on the following best-selling products? Below is the detail. 

Then, let’s immediately jump into the sleep sack review! 

Kyte Baby Sleep Bag 1.0 Reviews

What is so great about Kyte Baby sleep sack?

Say hi to the best-selling product, Sleep Bag 1.0, which has 3 styles, each with different patterns! You’ll find choices in solid colors and adorable motives sizing from XS to XL. It is hypoallergenic thanks to bamboo and spandex materials. 

Kyte Baby Sleep Bag 1.0 Reviews
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This sleep sack will enhance your baby to have a deep sleep. Moreover, the polyester and J-shaped double zipper will warm your baby. It is 3 degrees cooler than cotton, buttery soft, and 30% less water than cotton. 

The product has a Standard 100 by OEKE-TEX, meaning the production process fulfills the requirements well. Likewise, it features a safe sleep and is friendly to diaper changing. Thus, with a temperature-regulating, you can let your baby sleep so well. 

Kyte Baby Zippered Footie Reviews

Another product with Standard 100 by OEKE-TEX from Kyte Baby is Zippered Footie. It is a beautiful onesie that your baby can use for sleeping and playing. Moreover, it also has 3 styles with various unique designs, giving a stylish look! 

Kyte Baby Zippered Footie Reviews
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The footie features bamboo rayon and spandex, resulting in a cooler temperature and less water than cotton. It has a stretchy material that can keep your baby active. Also, the buttery soft, and hypoallergenic texture will enhance comfort. 

With dual zipper and breathable, the sole grips will fit 6 – 12 months babies. In contrast, the fold-over cuffs will fit preemies, newborns, to babies within 0 – 3 months. Another size is perfect for babies over 12 to 24 months. Thus, will shade you’ll buy? 

Kyte Baby Long Sleeve Pajamas Reviews

Last but not least, this Long Sleeve Pajamas will allow you and your toddler to cuddle. Why so? Because Standard 100 by OEKE-TEX certified it, it has a buttery soft texture. Furthermore, this cow design is the best-selling! 

Kyte Baby Long Sleeve Pajamas Reviews
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Besides animals, you’ll find 3 other styles which feature various designs. In addition, parents can get the well-fitted size ranging from babies over 18-24 months to 2T and 10. The bamboo and rayon combination would not disappoint at all. 

What if your kid has sensitive skin? Don’t worry because the materials are hypoallergenic and designed for sensitive ones. Thus, with the breathable features, your kid may do any activity and always stay comfy! 

Kyte Baby Size Chart

Does Kyte Baby run big or small?

While manufacturing the products, this company ensures high-quality materials support. The founder wants to create a true-to-size product that will suit all customers, from babies to adults. But if you are unsure, you can get a bigger one. 

You can check the Sizing Chart before placing an order. Then, ensure that the size matches your baby. Since the size is patent, you can buy it for baby shower gifts. So, will your baby fit in XS sleep sack or bigger size? 

Kyte Baby Pricing

Many parents are inpatients after learning the Kyte Baby’s functional and well-made products. If you are one of them, let’s see how much budget you should prepare to buy the above-mentioned discussed items. Here they are: 

Sleep Bag 1.0 $55
Zippered Footie $36
Long Sleeve Pajamas  $37

You may also stay tuned to its social media and find limited discount codes, especially during events like Independence Day, Black Friday, etc. Therefore, are you ready to get the deals? 

Kyte Baby Pros and Cons

Before going deeper into the brand’s policies, look at its pros and cons below. Without further ado, here they are: 


  • Offers many adorable and well-made baby clothing 
  • Features high-quality bamboo and fabric scraps 
  • Sustainable materials
  • It is committed to providing safety 
  • Run to true size 
  • Available on the official site, stockist, and marketplace 
  • Ships internationally and provides free shipping to all regions within minimum orders 
  • 45-day return policy 


  • Ever faced a controversial issue at 2021 

Kyte Baby Customer Reviews

Welcome to another critical discussion topic about Kyte Baby: testimonials. This section will break down the abovementioned products’ ratings and reviews. Without any rest, let’s get started! 

Kyte Baby Customer Reviews
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Take a look first at the ratings below. 

Furthermore, the satisfied customer says: 

I am absolutely not lying when I say that this Kyte sleep sack is a game-changer to our lives!! My son immediately started sleeping ten hours in this, and the print is adorable!

This customer is thankful for the sleep sack because it has an adorable design. Even better, her son sleeps as soon as he wears it for over 10 hours. 

Another customer says: 

The shade is perfect, the size is amazing, and as usual, the product is incredibly soft! I really love this print because it is really adorable!

This customer finds long pajamas the best option due to their incredible features. Not only does it fit the baby’s will, but also the texture is soft with adorable printing! 

In short, this company proves its worthiness by providing well-made items for all customers. Therefore, people are satisfied, and even their children are! 

Is Kyte Baby Worth It?

Indeed, Kyte Baby is worth checking out! The declaration says so because we believe every baby, toddler, and kid deserves high-quality clothing. Well, you can find it on this company! 

Is Kyte Baby Worth It?
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Its hypoallergenic and standard by OEKE-TEX are incomparable. Furthermore, the 100% bamboo material performs better to enhance stress-free, sleep-safe, and comfortable wear. Thus, let’s check out the item now! 

Kyte Baby Shipping

Interested in purchasing the cutie blanket and bluebonnets from this company? Fortunately, the founder prepares everything with USPS and FedEx to ship your orders internationally. Below is the shipping rate you must prepare. 

  Order Totals Shipping Fee Orders Total Shipping Fee
US <$85 $7.50 >$85 FREE
Canada <$135 $15 >$135 FREE
International <$300 #35 >$300 FREE

Once your order ships, you’ll get a tracking number via confirmation email. You may check the progress intensively. But suppose you need a hand, don’t hesitate to contact customer service at

Kyte Baby Returns

Domestic and international customers who intend to return their purchase may do it within 45 days of delivery. This policy is eligible if your order is unwashed, unworn, has tags, and is in its original packaging. 

If you have a fixed mind, contact customer service at The team will guide you through the process. However, remember that international purchasers are responsible for return fees. 

There is a $7.50 reimbursement if you choose the refund to your original payment method. Meanwhile, the fee is omitted whenever you prefer store credit. Note that the refund may require 3 weeks to complete. 

Where to Buy Kyte Baby

Are you searching for a sleep sack sale or warehouse sale from this brand? Then, you must visit the official website to get the deals. You may fill your cart to the minimum purchase amount and get the free shipping perk

Also, you may find the products on marketplaces like Amazon and Stockist. It is also recommended to join the newsletter and Kyte Club to get special offers on loveys, bundlers, slings, swaddles, etc. Thus, let’s buy your desired product affordably! 

Kyte Baby Customer Service

Are you confused about the correct sleep sack sizing? Or perhaps you need to contact customer service? Please feel free to contact them through these ways: 

As you know, many customers buy products from this company. So please wait patiently because the team will do their best to answer your question soon. Thus, allow 24 hours before you send another message. 


Dig deeper on Kyte Baby

You may have a question concerning this adorable brand. To get the answer, keep reading the following section! 

What is the Kyte Baby controversy?

The company ever faced a controversial issue with its ex-influencer who worked for Kyte Baby in 2021. However, it is solved immediately and the company’s founder stated an apology to the customers through TikTok and Instagram. 


Providing high-quality items of clothes is no longer difficult. Thanks to Kyte Baby, parents have the best destination to purchase products with the utmost functions and comfy features. 

In addition, the accessibility for purchasing the products is a great help. You can buy it from the official website and receives a shipping fee! Let’s not waste time, leave Reddit and start shopping for your child now! 

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