Zenimal Review

What is a Zenimal?

Anna Peterson Macsalka was a child with panic attacks. She could not sleep well because of her uneasy mind. Her parents introduced her to meditation, and it worked a lot. This founder wants to do the same for her children and founded Zenimal

Zenimal Review
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The company first integrated in 2017, aiming to help people live better through mindfulness. Currently, there are over 35K have used the products to keep their mind in better condition. In addition, the products are made for children and adults

You don’t have to stay in your room to do that. Instead, try to befriend nature and work things out. Spare 3 to 30 minutes while listening to one of the 9 available audios. They are all packed inside a compact turtle-shaped audio-guided device

Many presses hear this screen-free and easy-to-use product. As a result, you can see the reviews on TODAY, WIRED, Dwell, and even WeeSpring. Parents are also gathering together, resulting in over 18.6K followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

This Zenimal review will tell you about the benefits, why you should trust the company and its testimonials. If you want to give your children a better understanding of how to live life to the fullest, keep reading till the end. So, let’s begin!

Why Zenimal?

Zenimal is a brand of screen-free meditation devices for children and adults. The devices are small, colorful, and animal-shaped. Likewise, they come pre-loaded with a variety of meditations and soothing sounds, which can be accessed by pressing a button.

Why Zenimal?
Image credit: facebook.com/thezenimal
facebook.com/thezenimal https://facebook.com/thezenimal

Moreover, parents should always be aware of products they want to purchase for their children. It is a must-act behavior so that you don’t influence them badly. 

Therefore, the following highlights will tell you reasons to trust Zenimal. Look at it closer! 

Zenimal Highlights 

  • Women-owned company 
  • Screen-free mindfulness device 
  • Easy to use and compact 
  • Promotes more relaxation and deep sleep 
  • Provides preview tracks 
  • The meditation only lasts 3 to 30 minutes 
  • Rechargeable device and can last 7 hours 
  • Washable cover device
  • Features 6-month warranty  
  • Ships internationally 
  • Receives good feedback from customers 

What's On Zenimal

This section will help you have more understanding about the company. You’ll see several products it sells so that you can prepare your needs. 

What's On Zenimal
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facebook.com/thezenimal https://facebook.com/thezenimal

Here are 10 of them: 

Zenimal Kids+ Books
Zenimal+ (Teens/Adults) Affirmation Cards 
Zenimal Value Bundles  Open Box Products 
Meditation Memory Cards Replacement Charging Card
Replacement Shells Gift Cards

Further, this Zenimal review will focus only on the best-selling products. If you don’t mind, let’s immediately move to the following section and start the discussion! 

Zenimal Zenimal Kids+ 2.0 Reviews

Here comes the game-changer Zenimal Kids+ 2.0. It is a turtle-shaped device that is available in teal and purple covers. Since it is a kid-based meditation guide, you can let your kids around 5 to 12 years old

Zenimal Zenimal Kids+ 2.0 Reviews
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Moreover, you can play the 9 pre-loaded guided meditations. Those include: 

Stillness Breath Sleep
Inspiration Empathy Relaxation
Gratitude Awareness Restoration

On top of that, the product allows your children to understand what they feel no matter the condition. You can play one between 3 sleep soundtracks, which leads them to deep sleep and say no more to insomnia. 

This turtle-shaped is cute, and your kid can bring it anywhere. It is portable whether they want to meditate in a room or in the park. The battery also lasts up to 7 hours, which is great for traveling. 

Zenimal Zenimal+ Teens/Adults Reviews

Not only does the company provide a device for children under 12 years old, but it also offers Zenimal+ Teens/Adults for those over 13. It features a pre-loaded memory card, which includes 9 guided meditations. The guides have the same list as the kids.

Zenimal Zenimal+ Teens/Adults Reviews
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zenimals.com https://zenimals.com

In addition, they also have the 3 sleep sounds to help you rest without hesitation. This one is not turtle-shaped, yet the product provides 2 covers: dark blue and lavender pink. 

Since the audio is portable, you can bring it anywhere. It is also rechargeable, allowing you to fill the battery before using it. Therefore, are you ready to help yourself from a suffocating condition and free from stress? 

Zenimal The Pocket Mouse Meditation Cards Reviews

You may feel bored with the pre-guided memory in the device. Lucky you, this company offers several cards to change. One of them is The Pocket Mouse Meditation Cards.

Zenimal The Pocket Mouse Meditation Cards Reviews
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zenimals.com https://zenimals.com

This pocket features the same 9-guided audio, including 4 sleep stories and 5 sleep meditations. Whichever one you need, you can choose the audio and meditate. Since it is a memory, you can immediately change the card and start listening! 

Zenimal Manual

Some of you may not be familiar with this technology. Fret not because the product is easy to use. How so? Please read the following instructions to know the usage procedure. 

  1. First, ensure that the device’s battery is full. If it is low, you may charge it first. 
  2. Power on the device and choose one of the 9 available meditations. 
  3. You may use an earphone or speaker to listen to the mindfulness routine. 
  4. Pause it anytime if you need time to break. 
  5. Once finished, power off the device. 
  6. That’s it! You are now ready to bring yourself into a better state of mind. 

Suppose the explanation above is unclear; you may also visit the company’s official YouTube account. Check the procedure and use the device wisely. 

Zenimal Pricing

This section will define the price so that you can prepare the budget. You may see the details in the table below. 

Zenimal Kids+ 2.0 $69.99
Zenimal+ Teens/Adults $69.99
The Pocket Mouse Meditation Cards $19.99

Promotions and Coupon Codes 

  • Subscribe to the official website to earn special perks 
  • Free US shipping cost if you buy over $60 
  • Buy bundles to save budget 
  • Sign up for the affiliate program to earn a commission 
  • Enjoy 10% discounts on first responders 
  • etc. 

Zenimal Pros and Cons

While you want to understand the brand, the following pros and cons will help. Find it in the explanation below! 


  • Mindfulness ritual to enhance mindfulness
  • Created for children over 5 years old and for adults 
  • Easy to use, lightweight, and practical 
  • It can be heard live or through an earphone 
  • Ships to the US regions and worldwide 
  • Free US shipping fee on orders over $60
  • 30-day return policy 


  • No free shipping for international orders 
  • The device is not waterproof 
  • It is ineligible with Bluetooth audio 

Zenimal Customer Reviews

You may be interested in the product, but your little heart may not want to buy it. To give you more understanding, this section will define ratings and testimonials from the company. Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Zenimal Customer Reviews
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facebook.com/thezenimal https://facebook.com/thezenimal

Here are their ratings: 

In addition, one testimonial from a customer says: 

My 12-year-old son really loves this Zenimal! It helps him relax and falls asleep, both using this audio-guided meditations and built-in sleep sounds.

This customer is thankful because her son can sleep deeply after using the device. Further, he can be more relaxed. 

Another testimonial says: 

I’ve 3 zenimals. 1 adult zenimal for me and 2 childrens zenimals for my granddaughters. … My 4-year-old granddaughter couldn’t sleep in the hotel until we turned on this zenimal. Thanks goodness I’ve always packed one!

This granny is happy because the meditation device fantastically works for her and her grandchildren. Even better, her grandkid can sleep easily while feeling uneasy during the trip journey. 

In short, Zenimal is the best option to introduce meditation and mindfulness to your kids. Additionally, it works even for adults! So, you don’t need another reason not to buy the product! 

Is Zenimal Worth It?

Meditation is no longer difficult because you can use a portable small device. Thanks to this company, you can teach your children how to meditate and cultivate mindfulness. 

Is Zenimal Worth It?
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facebook.com/thezenimal https://facebook.com/thezenimal

Indeed, Zenimal is worth buying because it has many valuable features. Further, children and adults can use the product to reach a better state of mind. Then, are you ready to enhance relaxation in life? 

Where to Buy Zenimal

Buying the turtle-shaped audio-guided from this company is easy. You may get it from the official website and let the team prepare your package worldwide, even to Canada. Pick up the shade you love and fill in your cart over $60 for a free shipping perk. 

In addition, the brand also sells it through a marketplace. Please visit the official Amazon store so you don’t get the alternative. What if you prefer live shopping? Worry not because the product is also available at CVS Pharmacy. So, let’s buy them now! 

Zenimal Customer Service

Parents who are unsure about this kid’s care products may relax. Why? Because the team is ready to help whenever you face a problem. Please don’t be scared and contact them immediately at: 

The team is available Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM PST. Furthermore, you can visit the following address if you need to meet the founder face-to-face: 

Zenimal Headquarters
1007 N. Sepulveda BLVD #683
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267


Learn Zenimal deeply

Do you have more questions? Worry not. Look at the following section for more insights! 

Does Zenimal work?

Yes, it works as long as your kids follow the command to be more relaxed. 

How long are the Zenimal meditations?

According to the nine available audio, it works for around 3 to 30 minutes. 


Teaching your children to manage their emotions may be challenging. But say no more because Zenimal is ready to help, whatever your condition. In addition, the meditation device is easy to use! 

You may even use it for yourself. As a result, your purchase will benefit yourself and your family members. Therefore, are you ready to sit down and meditate for a while? Choose the cover and get it now! 

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