Boba Wrap Reviews

What is a Boba Wrap?

Boba Wrap is a 2007-founded company offering baby wraps and carriers for all parents. Initially, the company is called Sleepy Ward. The idea showed up after Robert and Elizabeth Antunovic had their second child. 

Boba Wrap Reviews
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This couple is fortunate because there are 3+ million customers who trust their products. In addition, the wraps and carriers are high-quality, made of spandex and cotton combination. If your kid has sensitive skin, you may also get organic options

Not only does it suit the mom, but also dad may carry their baby. Since the products feature Hip Healthy certification, the ergonomic design allows you to carry your child up to 35 lbs. Furthermore, the product fits petite to plus-size people! 

You can see the product’s popularity on TODAY, Motherly, Made for Mums, Glamour, etc. With its 106K followers on Instagram, the company receives much attention from pregnant mothers, mothers with newborns, and even the one who have toddlers! 

Therefore, this Boba Wrap review will drag you into a deeper discussion about the company’s products. Let’s get started if you want to continue your routine peacefully or need an intimate relationship with your kid! 

Why Shop at Boba Wrap?

The introduction is written well. But let’s jump into the following brand’s highlights to get more insights. 

Why Shop at Boba Wrap?
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Without further ado, here they are: 

Boba Wrap Highlights 

  • Has Hip Healthy certification by International Hip Dysplasia Institute 
  • Suits babies from newborn to 35 months 
  • Breastfeeding friendly for the mom and baby 
  • Promotes bonding between the baby and parent 
  • Provides a quiz to choose the most suitable carrier
  • Free Fit Consultation for confused parents  
  • Ships internationally 
  • Gets a 4.6/5 rating out of 151K ratings 

What's On Boba Wrap

You’ll find many baby carriers on the market. Some are front facings; another one is made back carry. So what items can you purchase from this company? 

What's On Boba Wrap
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Below are 3 categorizations you’ll find from it: 

Boba Wraps  Boba Carriers Accessories 

Then, let’s see what will this Boba Wrap review enroll with: 

Without stopping by the reading, move around to the following product discussion! 

Boba Wrap Classic Wrap Black Reviews

Say hi to the award-winning Classic Wrap Black, a baby wrapper that promotes bonding, comfortability, and convenience. It is made of 95% French Terry cotton material that gives you a soft yet flexible wrapper.

Boba Wrap Classic Wrap Black Reviews
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In addition, the ergonomic design allows you to be hands-free while nursing your baby. The wrapper also has a Hip Healthy certification that won’t hurt your body while carrying your kid. Instead, you can get closer to them. 

This heavy-weight cotton has a warm texture. You can carry your newborn baby since it fits 7 lbs. However, this sturdy material also allows you to spoil the baby for up to 35 lbs. Thus, children can snuggle comfily inside the wrapper. 

Boba Wrap Serenity Wrap Bloom Reviews

When you see this product, you may think it has no different thing as the previous one. However, Serenity Wrap Bloom is different because it is made of bamboo blend fabric. It provides more bounce and stretch, yet it is lightweight. 

Boba Wrap Serenity Wrap Bloom Reviews
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Since the shade is palette, it suits all skin tones. Furthermore, the soft and comfy texture will greatly spoil your newborn baby. It is best to work with 20 lbs weight, but the product may hold up to 35 lbs! 

This product also promotes an intimate relationship with your kid. You can let them snuggle inside while breastfeeding. Last, thanks to the hip health certification, you can comfily carry your baby while having your hands free

Boba Wrap Air Gray Baby Carrier Reviews

Do you have a bigger kid and want to carry them cozily? If so, this Air Gray Baby Carrier will be the best option! Why? Because it is lightweight at only 1 lb yet compact for a comfortable ride due to the nylon material

Boba Wrap Air Gray Baby Carrier Reviews
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The product has padded mesh straps, leg openings, and shoulder straps. It also features an adjustable sliding strap to fit the carrier to your body. Furthermore, you can ensure your kid is safe inside it. 

Moms can also breastfeed inside the carrier since it suits babies from 4 to 24 months. You can even carry toddlers up to 45 lbs! Then, the hip healthy certification allows you to have a comfy position and keep your hands free from the carrier. 

Boba Wrap vs Moby Wrap vs Solly

As a parent, you must research and find the best front-facing carriers for your newborn baby. Then, let’s compare Boba Wrap, Moby Wrap, and Solly below. 

Boba Wrap  Moby Wrap  Solly 
  • 5.5 yard long 
  • Can hold up to 35 lbs 
  • Perfect for up to 12-month baby 
  • Made of cotton and spandex 
  • Front inward due to baby’s safety
  • Ideal for skinny to plus-size caregivers 
  • 6 yard long 
  • Can hold up to 33 lbs 
  • Perfect for up to 9-month baby 
  • Made of 100% cotton 
  • Front carry and hip carry
  • Ideal for skinny caregivers
  • 5.5 yard long 
  • Can hold up to 25 lbs 
  • Perfect for baby to infant 
  • Made of TENCEL modal fabric
  • Front inward position 
  • Ideal for petite and plus-size caregivers 

Boba Wrap vs Solly has different features, as does the company with Moby Wrap. At last, which of the brand will you trust to keep your baby warm

Boba Wrap Instructions

Wrapping Tutorial and Washing Instructions

Some may be curious how a long fabric can comfortably wrap a baby. Not to worry because this tutorial will help. You’ll also find the instructions to wash the product. Then, take a look closer! 

Wrapping Instructions 

  1. First, place the wrap with the label over your chest. 
  2. Bring the rest behind your back. 
  3. Then, cross the two rails from behind your back to your shoulders. 
  4. Assemble both layers and tuck them under the section of the label.
  5. After that, cross it again in front of your chest and bring them back to your back. 
  6. Double knot the tie either behind your back, front, or side. 
  7. That’s it! You’re ready to wrap your baby around your body! 

If this explanation still confuses you, please watch the how-to-wrap newborn video from the official Boba Wrap YouTube account. You’ll understand it more clearly! 

Washing Instructions 

  • Wash the wrap by themselves without mixing it with others. You can fit it in a mesh bag to avoid getting caught with others. In addition, you can wash it with a washing machine, in cold water, or tumble dry on low heat. 
  • Clean the carrier’s dirty spot and wash it only if necessary. You can wash the product in the machine with cold water. Remember to set it on the gentle cycle, then hang it dry. 

Boba Wrap Pricing

Don’t you wonder how much budget you should prepare to purchase Boba Wrap products? Take a look at the table to know the price! 

Classic Wrap Black $49.99 $45.99
Serenity Wrap Bloom $59.99 $49.99
Air Gray Baby Carrier $69.99

However, you can cut the price to a cheaper one. How? Here is the promotion you can apply for: 

  • Subscribe to the official website for 10% off first-time order 
  • Bundle your purchase and get 20% off 

So not only do you save money, but also you can support your baby ultimately. Then, let’s get the offer! 

Boba Wrap Pros and Cons

Knowing how the brand works does not mean you know all about it. Then, here are the pros and cons you must know of Boba Wrap


  • Well-made and robust carrier for babies, infants, and toddlers 
  • Ergonomic design and flexible fabric
  • Affordable yet worth spending 
  • Keep your baby warm inside the wrap and is intimate with the parent 
  • Washing machine friendly 
  • Ships internationally 
  • Free standard shipping fee for all US orders 
  • 60-day return policy 


  • It doesn’t offer carriers for twins 
  • International orders must change the domain to get the products. 

Boba Wrap Customer Reviews

Will you trust this company to support your routine while babysitting your child? If you don’t find Boba Wrap good enough, read this section to see why customers love the products. Then, let’s begin! 

Boba Wrap Customer Reviews
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First, here are the ratings of the abovementioned baby carriers: 

For a deeper understanding, this utterance comes from a satisfied customer:

… He was 5 lbs 8 oz at birth, and this baby wrap works perfectly. He feels snug, secure, sleeps so well, leaving my hands free which allows me to continue my daily activities. …

This customer is thankful because her daughter can sleep comfily in the wrap. In addition, the hands-free advantage is helpful, allowing her to do her activities freely. 

Another customer said: 

I bought this to carry my almost 1-year-old child while watching my toddler plays in the pool. We love it! It is so lightweight, breathable, and dries fast if it gets wet from splashes.

This customer loves the carrier due to its breathable and lightweight design. Furthermore, it does not get wet from splashes, which is safe for her baby. 

In short, Boba Wrap extensively provides wrappers and carriers of the utmost quality. Therefore, customers are willing to give high scores due to its function and features. 

Is Boba Wrap Worth It?

You may find many recommendations for baby wraps and carriers. However, you would not find one like this worth-buying Boba Wrap company. It prioritizes customers with high-quality materials and functional features. 

Is Boba Wrap Worth It?
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In addition, you can purchase the product that you need the most. Everything is available here, whether you want a cool-based fabric or a warm one. So, let’s visit the site and purchase your desired carrier now! 

Where to Buy Boba Wrap

Parents who can’t wait to carry ergonomic wrap may immediately purchase the products through the official website. You’ll get free US shipping for the standard method for all orders. 

Meanwhile, if you prefer a marketplace, please visit Boba Wrap’s official store on Amazon. Therefore, you can save yourself from getting scammed through online shopping. 

Boba Wrap Customer Service

Do you need assistance from customer service concerning the wraps? If so, feel free to contact them through these ways: 

You may also leave your question through the Live Chat. The agent will accompany you and solve your issues. However, please be patient because agents may need at least 24 hours to answer. 


Dig deeper on Boba Wrap

Do you have more questions? Find several questions in the following sections! 

Is Boba Wrap safe for newborns?

The company provides safe carriers for newborns from 0 to 12 months. 

What is the Boba Wrap made of?

Some products are made of spandex and cotton combination. Meanwhile, others are made of organic bamboo. 

What age is the Boba Baby Wrap for?

You can use the wrap and carrier for babies from 0 to 35 months. 

What is the weight limit for the Boba Serenity Wrap?

The weight limit is 35 lbs. 

How long can you use Boba Wrap?

It is limitless! You can use the wrap as long as the baby is comfortable and you don’t feel a burden at all. 


You can trust Boba Wrap to keep your baby safe and intimate. The carrier and wrap have features that ease parents’ routines since they are hands-free. 

In addition, you can purchase the one you need the most from various products. Thus, which type do you love the most? Let’s buy the product and give your baby the most comfortable nest ever! 

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